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Our story

Our Story

G & L Aromatherapy was founded by Gaby and Laureen during the 2020 COVID pandemic. Laureen would make rollerballs for fun for her friends and clients. Until one day Gaby thought it would be amazing if we can turn this into a business and so we did. Gaby and Laureen got started right away and created their first rollerball that had gotten many sales before even launching our aromatherapy brand. We knew right away that our business was special and was going to have an impact on the community.

At G & L Aromatherapy we also represent self care and teaching others to take good care of themselves.

Gabriella Raouf, Co-Founder

Gaby was born and raised in the SF Bay Area, CA. She attends college at Arizona State University, where Gaby is majoring in Digital Audience & marketing. Gaby was very entrepreneurial at a young age and would sell DIY gifts. Gaby started watching YouTube videos of young business owners, inspiring her to eventually start her own business. Gaby had always used essential oils and crystals to help with her anxiety, as well before dance and gymnastic competitions growing up, which she knew she wanted to help start a brand on self-care. Gaby knew if she was going to create a product, it would be a product that would help others with their well-being, just like how aromatherapy did for Gaby. 

Outside of G & L Aromatherapy,™ Gaby is a content creator who puts out lifestyle, college, and fashion content. Gaby loves yoga and is a certified RYT 200, shopping, swimming in the lake, listening to pop and country music, traveling the world, and drinking coffee. 

Gaby hopes you all enjoy our products!

Laureen Fanucchi-Raouf/ Maker & Co-Founder

Laureen was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is the co-owner of BayTree Wellness Center in San Mateo CA, where she works as a holistic practitoner. With Laureen's work she loves using essential oils and crystals with clients. She has seen how much it has helped her clients and her own family. During COVID when her practice was closed it came to Laureen to create our crystal aromatherapy rollerballs along with her creative daughter Gaby. Outside of work and G & L Aromatherapy Laureen enjoys being with her family and friends. She even loves being physically active of working out and going to spin classes and enjoys being with her two dogs Kali and Sky.  Laureen hopes you all enjoy these products as much as she does!