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"I Am Ahh-mazing"

"I Am Ahh-mazing"

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"I Am Ahh-mazing" is a crystal infused rollerball filled with fluorite crystals (known as the rainbow crystal). This rollerball is made with Geranium, lemon and grapefruit essential oils. "I Am Ahh-mazing" promotes impartiality and helps increase your intuitive powers. This rollerball has an establishing effect on your emotions and helps you to understand the need for balance in your life.


"I Am Ahh-mazing" helps with the following: 

  • Increases self confidence 
  • Removes negative stress and energies
  • Shuts down mental manipulation
  • Protection
  • Concentration
  • Intellection
  • intuition
  • Relaxation
  • Improves awareness
  • Enhances healing
  • Purifies
  • Opens up third eye chakra
  • Opens up mind 
  • Balances the heart chakras






Certified all natural and non toxic. 


Disclaimer This item contains fractionated coconut oil (If your allergic to coconut oil please send us a email at so we can customize you with a different carrier oil)

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